Novell GroupWise Connector

Installation and Configuration

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InstallationPermanent link for this heading

Before installing the plugin ensure that the Mindbreeze Server is already installed and this connector is also included in the Mindbreeze license.

No additional adjustments are necessary for the installation of the Novell GroupWise-Connector.

Registration as Trusted ApplicationPermanent link for this heading

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise uses the Trusted Application Mechanism to authenticate at a Novell GroupWise Server. Therefore a key is generated, which is used by Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise to grant access to the user’s mailboxes.

The setup installs a command line application mesgwtrustedapp.exe in the directory Tools, that is registered at Novell GroupWise as Trusted Application. Therefore the domain directory has to be available and the logged-in user needs administrator permissions. If the tool is executed on a computer where Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise is not installed, the GWTApp.dll must additionally be copied to the same directory as the mesgwtrustedapp.exe.


mesgwtrustedapp.exe create --domainpath=C:\grpwise\domain

Add “create” and specify the GroupWise domain directory in the domainpath parameter to generate a key. The default name of the trusted application is Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise. Start mesgwtrustedapp without parameters to get a list of all available parameters.

The generated key will be needed later for the Novell GroupWise data source configuration.

Configuration of MindbreezePermanent link for this heading

At the installation select the “Advanced option of the welcome screen.

Click on the tab “Indices and then on the symbol Add new index“ to create a new index.

Set the index path, e.g. „C:\Index“. If necessary, adjust the Display Name of the Index Service and the related Filter Service.

Add a new Novell GroupWise Data source with the symbol “Add new Novell GroupWise source” down right.

Insert the hostname or the IP address of the server at “Novell GroupWise Server and copy the previously generated key to the “Trusted Application Key field, avoiding leading and trailing spaces. Activate “SSL Connection (HTTPS)” if your GroupWise server is accessible via SSL.

Click the „Advanced Settings“ checkbox on the top right corner for additional settings:

“Novell GroupWise SOAP Port” (default port is 7191)

Trusted Application Name” (f. ex. user defined when generating the trusted application key)

“Mailbox Selection Pattern” (select crawled mailboxes by regular expression)

“Number of Parallel Requests” (number of crawler threads)

“Cursor Fetch Size”

“Number Of Connections To Index”

“Crawler Status Partitions”

Use the last four settings above for crawler performance tuning. Additionally you can configure the Crawling “Interval“ or a time table here.

Save settings by clicking the button “Save” on the top-right corner to start indexing. Searching is possible when the indexing run is finished.

Preparations for the Mindbreeze Search ClientPermanent link for this heading

For user query authentication, we recommend to configure SAML with client-side certificates. For details, see the manual "Configuration for SAML".

Install the Groupwise Client Connector in order to be able to open search hits in the Novell GroupWise Client:

  • Install the connector stub "mesgwclientaccess.msi" on the client machines
  • Enter "com.mindbreeze.query.context.preferredopenaction / OPEN" as "Extension Point Properties" (found in the crawler configuration) as follows:

Error Diagnosis and RecoveryPermanent link for this heading

If no documents are found, there can be different possible reasons:

  • The documents have been indexed recently and they are not processed completely.
    • It can take some time until these documents can be found.
  • The Crawler cannot connect to the Novell GroupWise Server or the authentication fails.
    • On Windows, the crawler saves the log file log-mesgwcrawler.txt in the temporary directory of the Service User (not the logged in user). This log file provides information about possible problems. Typically the complete path is:
      On Linux, the path is /var/opt/mindbreeze/log/log-mesgwcrawler*.txt.
    • To increase the level of details in the log file, “Tracing” can be activated in the Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise configuration. For specific details, see the whitepaper for Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise.
  • Problems filtering / indexing of data.
    • In the Windows Event Log (eventvwr.exe), search under Applications for recorded events that can suggest problems.