Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance Setup


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PrerequisitesPermanent link for this heading

For connecting to a standalone Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance the following prerequisites are needed:

One free network interface on the connecting Windows PC

DHCP Server running on the connecting PC (ex. tftpd64)

For the interface connected to the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance a static IP address should be configured with netmask   

Downloading and Installing Tftpd64Permanent link for this heading

A minimal standalone DHCP server for Microsoft Windows x64 editions is available from  tftpd64.452

To run the DHCP server on the connecting PC, the contents of the archive tftpd64.452.zip should be extracted to a folder where the execution of applications is permitted for the current user.

Make sure that the installed firewall is not blocking the DHCP server for the network interface connected to the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance.

Start the DHCP server by running the tftpd64.exe file and configure the DHCP settings:

Server interface (the interface connected to the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance)

IP pool start address (an address from the same subnet, like the configured IP address for the PC interface)

Size of pool: the IP pool size of the DHCP server, in this case since the only client should be the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance, a number greater or equal to 1 is needed.

Mask: the netmask of the network (

Def. router: the IP address of the connecting PC

Restart the tftpd64 application

Connecting to the Mindbreeze InSpire Management CenterPermanent link for this heading

When the DHCP server is running with the previous configuration the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance can be started. After booting the IP address acquired from the DHCP server by the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance should be listed in the allocated IP address list.

After a successful IP allocation the Mindbreeze InSpire Management Center is accessible in a web browser on the address .

The default login credentials for the management center are:

Username: admin

Password: Appliance123

Configuring network interfaces using the Mindbreeze InSpire Management CenterPermanent link for this heading

To configure the network interfaces on a Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance using the Management Center first log in with the admin credentials.

On the Management Center interface navigate to the “System” section. Here an additional login is needed. The default username is also “admin” and the password is “Appliance123”.

On the “System” configuration panel, navigate to the “Networking” submenu, and select “Network Configuration”. From this module the configuration of the network interfaces, DNS and routing is available.

Navigate further to the “Network Interfaces” section and select the interface that should be configured.

Here you can set up for a static IP address for the selected network interface.

WARNING: by clicking on ”Save and Apply” after changing the interface the changes will be saved and the network service will be restarted. With “Delete and Apply” the interface configuration is deleted and the network service is restarted. If changes are made on the interface that is currently used for connection it can render the configuration interface inaccessible. By only saving the configuration, changes will be activated with the next reboot of the Mindbreze InSpire Appliance.