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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze Jive Sitemap Generator is a Jive plugin that is required for indexing Jive contents with Mindbreeze InSpire. The plugin generates a sitemap containing the links, metadata and permission information in form of access control lists of all Jive contents that are available for indexing.

The Sitemap Generator Plugin also provides the service endpoints for requesting user information and group membership. This is needed for permission check and access control for the Jive search results.

RequirementsPermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin is available for Jive 6.*, Jive 8.* respective Jive 9.* with the following restrictions:

the Jive 6 plugin can be installed on Jive 6 versions less than

the Jive 8 plugin can be installed on Jive 8 versions less than

the Jive 9 plugin can be installed on Jive 9 versions less than

Installation and ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

The Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin can be installed as a standard Jive plugin, using the Jive administration console. The plugin configuration is performed by setting system properties. The properties are described in detail later in this document.

For the plugin installation and configuration to take effect, the Jive services have to be restarted.

The Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin can be deployed with the following Steps:

Install the Plugin archive (mindbreeze-sitemapgenerator-*.jar) corresponding to your Jive version, by uploading the plugin archive in the Jive administration console:

Configure the plugin by setting the required system properties in the System > Management > System Properties section of the Jive administration console:

Restart the Jive services for the changes to take effect.

Plugin Configuration OptionsPermanent link for this heading

As mentioned, the Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin can be configured by setting system parameters. The plugin can generate two sitemap instances, a “full” sitemap and a “delta” sitemap in parallel. The full sitemap typically contains all Jive documents and the delta sitemap contains only documents modified in the last, given amount of days.

The configuration properties have the following syntax: mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.<propertyname>.<sitemapid>

The <sitemapid> part can be either “full” or “delta”. If a property name ends with a <sitemapid> part, the property is only affecting the sitemap generator job with the given sitemapid. If the <sitemapid> section is missing from the property name, the configuration property affects both the “full” and the “delta” sitemap generating jobs.

The following System Properties can be used for configuring the Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin:

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.activeInstancePattern”: regular expression matching the Node ID of the Jive Node on which the sitemap generator plugin is running. If not set all nodes in the Jive cluster will start the sitemap generator task.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.authorizedUserPattern”: a regular expression matching the usernames who are allowed to download the generated sitemap using the link http://jiveserver.mycompany.com/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/sitemap?jobid=full for the full sitemap and http://jiveserver.mycompany.com/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/sitemap?jobid=delta for the delta sitemap. In the links above, the http://jiveserver.mycompany.com part is the base URL of the Jive installation.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.contentModificationDateAgeInDays”: the maximum age (time since of the last modification) of the Jive contents in days. Typically this setting is configured only for the “delta” instance, so the property name becomes “mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.contentModificationDateAgeInDays.delta”.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.taskCronExpression”:  a cron expression using Quartz syntax for scheduling the sitemap generator jobs. Here are a few examples:

0 0 12 * * ? fire at 12pm (noon) every day;

0 15 10 ? * * fire at 10:15am every day;

0 15 10 15 * ? fire at 10:15am on the 15th day of every month.

The scheduler expression can be set for the “delta” and “full” sitemap generator jobs with the properties “mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.taskCronExpression.delta” and “mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.taskCronExpression.full” separately.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.externalIdentityTypes”: a list in form of json array of the external identity types that should be searched for when resolving user principal names.

For example: ["saml"]. In this example if external identities of type “saml” are available for a given user, the external principal is retrieved and can be used as input by the principal resolution services.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.writeURLTagDescription”: include content description as URL metadata in the sitemaps.

mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.encryptionPassword”: if this property is set, all user principals in the sitemap and in the output of the principal resolution services are encrypted with the configured password.  

Service EndpointsPermanent link for this heading

After the Jive Sitemap Generator Plugin is installed and configured the following services are deployed on the Jive server:

Sitemap DownloadPermanent link for this heading

Full” sitemap: <jive_base_url>/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/sitemap?jobid=full

Delta” sitemap: <jive_base_url>/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/sitemap?jobid=delta

Principal ResolutionPermanent link for this heading

  • All Users: retrieves a list of all Jive user principals <jive_base_url>/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/allusers
  • All Groups: retrieves a list of all Jive groups and social groups
  • <jive_base_url>/rpc/rest/mindbreeze/allgroups

Members: retrieves the members of a jive group or social group. The name of the group can be specified with the “groupname” query parameter


Containers: retrieves the container groups and social groups of a given user principal. The name of the user principal can be specified with the “username” query parameter


Access to all of the Mindbreeze services can be restricted using the “mindbreeze.sitemapgenerator.authorizedUserPattern” configuration option.