Mindbreeze InSpire Search Applications in Microsoft SharePoint

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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

This document describes the use of Mindbreeze InSpire search applications in Microsoft SharePoint.

Software PrerequisitesPermanent link for this heading

The descriptions and instructions contained in this document are based on Microsoft SharePoint 2013.

Embedding a Search ApplicationPermanent link for this heading

Search applications are stored as text documents in Microsoft SharePoint and embedded in pages with the Content Editor Web Part. Thus, a search application can be used on multiple pages and still remain easy to maintain.

Saving a search application in a text documentPermanent link for this heading

Copy the snippet from the Mindbreeze InSpire Designer into a text document. Click here for more information: Development of Search Apps.

Uploading the text documentPermanent link for this heading

Upload the document to a document library:

Copy the address of the document to the clipboard:

Creating a new Web Part pagePermanent link for this heading

Navigate to “Site Contents“ > “Site Pages“:

Create a new Web Part page:

Choose a name and design.  Create the page:

Add a new “Content Editor“ Web Part:

Edit the Web Part settings:

Insert the address of the text document in “Content Link“:

Click “Stop Editing“ to finish editing a page: Click

Changing the search results pagePermanent link for this heading

Under the setting "Site Settings", the search results page can be modified for a site collection and a site:

Under “Which search results page should queries be sent to“, choose the option “Send queries to a custom results page URL“.

Enter the address of the results page under " Results page URL":

In addition, the search application must be adapted in order to use the query parameters of Microsoft SharePoint:

new Application({ queryURLParameter: "k" });