Release Notes for Mindbreeze InSpire

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Online demo of the new featuresPermanent link for this heading

In our webinar "What's New - Mindbreeze InSpire 2017 Winter Release", Patrick Geschwentner presents the new features in detail and shows how to configure them.

The recording is available for download: Download Webinar: What's New - Mindbreeze InSpire 2017 Winter Release

Innovations and new featuresPermanent link for this heading

Improved usage analysis for personalizationPermanent link for this heading

While using the search, the improved usage analysis records selected actions. This is beneficial for a better understanding of the usage behavior. app.telemetry can display these actions. These data can be used to improve the result ranking. The following actions are supported:

  • search requests
  • search constraints
  • go to next page in result list
    • result preview
    • open/close
  • scrolling
  • open search result

Of course, the possibility of complete anonymization of the recorded information is still supported.

You can find more Information at Configuration-Usage-Analysis

Detection of language in documents and search queriesPermanent link for this heading

The Language Detector plugin can detect the language of arbitrary documents using only the contents.

See Language-detection for more information.

Stemmer-Transformer pluginPermanent link for this heading

Now the Stemmer-Transformer plugin supports multiple languages, which are derived from the search query automatically.

For details regarding the configuration, see Stemmer-Transformer-Plugin

Performance optimizationPermanent link for this heading

With this release, deleted documents are removed from the index completely. You do not need to re-index big indices anymore.

For details, see Index Compatification

Hint: This optimization is enabled per default. A downgrade to an old release is not possible. Therefore, a backup of the index is necessary.

NotificationsPermanent link for this heading

In the Management Center it is now possible to administrate user and notification alerts. If a user is subscribed to multiple notifications at the same time, now only one e-mail will be sent. Additionally, alert e-mails now have preview images.

For more information, see Configuration-Notifications

Technical upgradesPermanent link for this heading

Web ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

Accelerated removal of deleted documentsPermanent link for this heading

To remove deleted documents from the index more quickly, deletion intervals can be defined. Thereby the Web Connector only looks for deleted documents, which will be removed from the index faster.

The configuration is shown in High-priority-removal-of-Documents

Extract the main content of HTML sitesPermanent link for this heading

Crawling sites such as news sites often indexes useless content like menus or footers. Now you can enable an alternative extraction mode that uses heuristics to detect only useful main content. The HTML filter can be switched to an alternative mode that only indexes useful content using heuristics. You do not need to define extensive XPath rules anymore.

For configuration details, see Extract-Main-Content-with-alternative-Filter-Mode

Atlassian Confluence ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

With the new release, archive flags and parent references are being indexed. Furthermore, login cookies can be configured, which reduces the header-size.

For details, see Atlassian-Confluence-Connector

SAP KMC ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

From now on, the connector supports form-based authentication. Moreover, directory-object are being indexed.

You will find details under SAP-KMC-Connector

Microsoft Outlook PST filter pluginPermanent link for this heading

Now, task properties in e-mails (e.g. “done”) are being indexed. With the Content Path Optimization, the Microsoft File Connector is able to crawl PST files.

For details on this topic, see Configuration-Microsoft-File-Connector