Release Notes for Mindbreeze InSpire

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Innovations and new featuresPermanent link for this heading

Improved Microsoft File ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

The Microsoft File Connector now supports SMB Version 2. Configuration

BestBets supportPermanent link for this heading

With BestBets it is possible to give priority ranking to important and predefined results.

Summary of the configuration in the Mindbreeze Management Center:

Client view:

Language detector applies appropriate model according to text lengthPermanent link for this heading

Now the language detector provides good results even for very small texts. For small texts, the language detector uses specially trained models in which the text length can be configured.

See the documentation.

GSA replacement preconfiguration provided by pluginPermanent link for this heading

Settings needed for configuring a Mindbreeze InSpire appliance as a GSA replacement can be done automatically by installing GSA-Replacement-Config.tar.gz as a plugin.

GSA full feed supportPermanent link for this heading

The GSA feed adapter supports full content feeds. When full content feeds are indexed, the feed “datasource” attribute value has to be set up as a category instance in a Mindbreeze index. The GSA full content feeds contain all documents from a data source. Documents which were previously indexed and are no longer contained in the feed will be deleted.  

You can find more details in the manual Google Search Appliance Feed Indexing with Mindbreeze InSpire.

Confluence indexing without macro executionPermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze Atlassian Confluence Connector can index Confluence pages without executing the macros embedded in them. If the option Use REST API for Page Content is activated, only the static textual content of the Confluence pages are indexed using REST API calls. This option is useful if the large amount of macro execution during Confluence indexing causes performance issues.

You can find more details in the manual Atlassian Confluence Connector.

Microsoft IIS/SharePoint authentication API proxy Permanent link for this heading

This feature enables transparent authentication using Microsoft IIS or Microsoft SharePoint for the Mindbreeze search.

Details can be found in Microsoft IIS_SharePoint Authentication API Proxy für Client Service (OAuth2).

Character NGRAMs can be deactivatedPermanent link for this heading

In a search query for flower, Mindbreeze also returns results like flowerpot. In some cases, the user might not want this behavior. It is now possible to deactivate this feature and only find results for flower. Details can be found in Documentation Mindbreeze InSpire.

Technical upgradesPermanent link for this heading

G7 SSL certificate upload for the Management CenterPermanent link for this heading

SSL certificates for the MMC can now be easily deployed:

Details can be found at Uploading Certificates.

Other product upgradesPermanent link for this heading

Version link for this heading

  • Kernel security update: CVE-2018-3639
  • Java version 8u172
  • BestBets connector for 2018 Winter Release
  • Apache Tika: no sporadic exceptions when filtering certain pptx files
  • CVE security Issue: Zip-Slip vulnerability
  • Inverter improvements when merging large documents
  • Jericho control metadata for <meta> tag extraction
  • GSA replacement base configuration improvement regarding port registration
  • Item value is aggregated as ProtobufTextual
  • Improved behavior when the sandbox of a plugin cannot register because of resource shortage
  • Jericho filter supports plaintext
  • OPTIONS supplies CORS header
  • Icon for BestBets is selectable
  • Free space detection does not work on centos 6; missing index directory is now skipped
  • iFrame src can be customized using resource.json (protocol, hostname, port)
  • Temporary file name clashing for certificate in CreditionalStore
  • Optimization of order by property – using ValueReader and QuantityReader
  • Client: CORS with an authenticated ClientService does not work with AjaxChannel
  • Pass filter language neutral filter values
  • TLS protocols are configurable for the ClientService
  • Custom Searchapp name is sent on suggest-init
  • Microsoft File Connector supports SMB > 1
  • Merge participants are logged on merge errors
  • Exclusive use of "LDAP Server" is possible
  • HTTP URL parameters are passed to SessionAuthenticationPlugin.
  • Improved stability of PDFPreview Filter
  • Diacritic characters are considered on export
  • Port 80 available as ClientService port on G7 Appliances
  • Enabled mount inside the InSpire container
  • G7 appliance image now enforces root passwort change on first login
  • Preparation for GSA feeds via HTTPS