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Innovations and new featuresPermanent link for this heading

Overlay for highlighted words in PDF previewPermanent link for this heading

It is now possible to display the properties of a highlighted word in the PDF preview. You can create these highlights using a new plugin (see 1.2 – Metadata enrichment).

Details can be found under “annotationPopup” at: Development of Search Apps

Metadata enrichmentPermanent link for this heading

By applying morphological rules on catalogs, Mindbreeze InSpire identifies entities in text. For example, people, companies, symptoms or diagnoses can be recognized in documents and visualized as links. The new plugin also supports hierarchical relationships between entities, which can be displayed as hierarchical filters, for instance.

Mindbreeze InSpire also recognizes attributes for example, “acute dizziness” can be recognized in the text as the symptom “dizziness” with the supplement “acute”.

Details can be found under Configuration – Configuration – Hierarchical CSV Enricher

Display number for unselected filter valuesPermanent link for this heading

The number of search results is now also displayed for filter values that are not selected. See the screenshots below.



Details can be found under “count_filtered_facet_values” at: Development of Search Apps

Summarizing similar resultsPermanent link for this heading

Now, results with similarities such as the same name, can be grouped into a single result. This makes the result display clearer and more compact. Summarizing is done via a metadata item that can be freely chosen. Using the setting “Summarize by”, you can group items according to name, author or date.


  • Currently, only pre-authorized or unauthorized services are supported.
  • The feature mentioned above, “Display number for unselected filter values” is disabled when you cluster the results.

Details can be found under “summarize” at: Development of Search Apps

GSA TransformerPermanent link for this heading

A new GSA search transformer is available with this release.

The GSA Transformer enables the Mindbreeze client service to understand XML queries from the Google Search Appliance and provide XML responses that are compatible with Google Search Appliance.

The APIV2SearchRequestResponseTransformer.GSATransformer is configured in the client service. Here you can define the metadata that should always be delivered.

In addition, the GSA transformer supports the following new features of the GSA XML search query:

Request fields





query operators



Details can be found under GSA Adapter Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM ConnectorPermanent link for this heading

With the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector, all content from Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be indexed.

Details can be found under Configuration – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector

GSA collection metadata and ACLPermanent link for this heading

Collection configuration can be input from a file or configured directly as text.

For each collection, you can define metadata and ACLs that you want to set for all associated documents. The metadata values and ACL elements can contain references to defined collection properties.

Details can be found under Configuration – GSA Adapter Service – Collections and Destination Mappings

API V2 search request response transformerPermanent link for this heading

The API V2 search request response transformer provides a functionality that allows you to transform API V2 search requests and responses into a format that you can define yourself. This functionality is made available by the creation of a plugin with the Mindbreeze Software Development Toolkit. The SDK creates a sample plugin that can be customized.

For details, see Developing an API V2 Search Request Response Transformer

Page-by-page scrolling of search resultsPermanent link for this heading

From now on, you can jump directly to a search result page. This function is available in the standard client, as well as in designer and API.

Details can be found under Development of Search Apps

Hierarchical filtersPermanent link for this heading

From now on, filters can be used in multiple steps. This makes it possible, for example, to use a company structure for the constraint.

See details under Datasource XPath Metadata and Metadata Enrichment

Notification templatesPermanent link for this heading

Users can now subscribe to templates created by administrators.

Details can be found under Development of Search Apps

Technical upgradesPermanent link for this heading

Support of additional plugin archive formatsPermanent link for this heading

More flexible and compact plugin archive formats are now supported.

Triggering alerts manuallyPermanent link for this heading

From now on, alerts are not just triggered via Crontab Expressions, but via an HTTP/POST JSON interface.

When the alert is triggered, an additional constraint can be specified for the saved query.

Details can be found at api-v2-alertstrigger-interface description

Tika update to 1.17Permanent link for this heading

Tika supports the file format XSLB and provides all other file formats as filters.

X-GSA external metadataPermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze web connector now supports the ability to import and edit the X-GSA external metadata HTTP headers. This means that the extracted metadata is indexed.

Grouping metadataPermanent link for this heading

With this new plugin, it is now possible to group any desired metadata and create a new metadata item from it.

Details can be found under Configuration  – Item Property Generator

Metadata referencesPermanent link for this heading

It is now possible to define metadata references based on existing metadata.

Details can be found under Configuration – Metadata References

Other product upgrades  Permanent link for this heading

Link-target can be customizedPermanent link for this heading

By default, links with a hypertext reference open in a new window. This behavior can now be customized.  

Details can be found under “linkOpenTarget” at The Application Object

Optimization of the SharePoint connectorPermanent link for this heading

SharePoint connector performance optimization for very large content databases and sites.

Outlook add-in loggingPermanent link for this heading

The Outlook add-in can now record diagnostic data for troubleshooting when needed.

Details can be found under Configuration - Outlook Add-In

Additional ChangesPermanent link for this heading

The version also contains the following changes:

Version link for this heading

  • Java Version 8u172
  • Base OS Version 7.5.1804 (G7)
  • DocumentInfoMatcher does not check for query timeout
  • Optimisatiin of delteted documents
  • Client: CurrentScript is not stable in IE11
  • After adding a Suggestlist component the Searchapp cannot be loaded
  • Mono mcs cannot build mes (CS1615, ...)
  • HANLP: No exceptions configurable for Zero-Width Whitespace"
  • Documentum Connector: Crawler doe snot work with restricted permissions
  • SharePoint-Connector extracts wrong title of Attachments (complette URL)"
  • HTTP Session Cookies with Root Domain Attribut are not sent to subdomains
  • Uniform property overwrites categorydescriptor
  • Pro-active Web Connector Form Login
  • DocumentInfoMatcher marks (title='title1', extension='doc') as 'excluded' when contraint (regex:'title2' filter(pdf))"
  • Management Center: Cannot edit SearchApp because of Content Security Policy
  • Bestbets Connector for 2018 Winter Release
  • APIV2SearchRequestResponseTransformer.GSATransformer QUERY_PATTERN and REGEX_CONSTRAINT

Version link for this heading

  • Wrong encoding on ZIP-Archives (ZIP-Filter)
  • VBR8 Assert - Index-Crash on Windows
  • InSpire OAuth Service creates new mod_auth_openidc_state Cookies until the header becomes to large
  • count_filtered_values counts labeled expressions of not filtered values
  • filter_base remains after deletion of Breadcrumb-Filter
  • CentOS 6 enforce reboot on kernel updates
  • HTML Filter: duplicate Meta Tags  in HTML documents
  • G7-Image: update License Package (app.telemetry not starting)
  • Sharepoint Principals Cache Included Sites from File" does not work
  • Sampletexting: text is truncated on queries for short metatdata
  • CentOS7: custom-Plugins are merged with builtin-Plugins (categorydescriptor)
  • Race condition when stopping a node before it has finished starting
  • RPM denpendancies are incomplete
  • Client - Application Construktor - options are mandatory
  • ACL Evaluation Cache set to collect filter without precomputation denies all documents
  • Vulnerabilities in Tomcat 8.5.11/23 -> Update to 8.5.30 (Latest) CVE-2017-12617, CVE-2017-5647, CVE-2017-5648, CVE-2017-5650, CVE-2017-5651, CVE-2017-5664, CVE-2017-7674, CVE-2017-7675, CVE-2018-1304, CVE-2018-1305:
  • Vulnerability PostFilterTransformerPlugin.SignatureToKeyRewriter dependent auf solr-1.4.1 CVE-2012-6612, CVE-2013-6397, CVE-2013-6407, CVE-2013-6408, CVE-2015-8795, CVE-2015-8796, CVE-2015-8797, CVE-2017-3163
  • High Severe Vulnerability mit jackson-databind-2.8.9.jar (resolved in ( keycloak-servlet-filter-adapter-3.4.2.Final (3.4.3 verfügbar) ) CVE-2017-15095, CVE-2017-17485, CVE-2018-7489
  • High Severity Vulnerability Apache Batik before 1.9 (filter/imageplugin) CVE-2017-5662
  • Summarize Results by Property: Hits without the property are collapsed to one result
  • Saved SharePoint results can't be opened (JS code in link)
  • Performance monitoring improvements and optimizations for Confluence Sitemap Generator
  • CoreIndexQueryServiceTest fails with an exception on CentOS 6
  • Reload after update in MMC
  • Web Connector: pptx File may be detected as extension bin and not filtered
  • Sandbox # Instances == # Cores ist too high
  • File Upload problems when using Self-Signed-Certificates in current Browsers (Edge, Chrome)
  • CORS Header not configurable
  • CentOS6 SFX: Downgrade from releases with mono5 to 18.0 no possible
  • RPMs depend on centos-release instead of redhat-release

Version link for this heading

  • CAS-Attributwerte with special chracters are used with a wrong encoding
  • PDF Filter with custom Metadata
  • Document-count is decreased after deletebuckets until the next mege
  • Handling of Exception if IPv6 is deactivated
  • ACL Evaluation Cache set to collect filter without precomputation denies all documents
  • GSA Connector: Date values (ISO-8601 format) are interpreted as String instead of Date
  • Client Service: Session registers to / even if URL Base Path is different
  • GSA Search Transformer: has to work behind a reverse-proxy
  • Google On/Google Off trigger encoding problems
  • Configure Filter Button does not work
  • POS_BYTES_MAX of 8192 is not enough for complex ENR-Cases
  • DataIntegration-Connector executes deleteAllUnprocessed on Exception
  • Deselect of facet nodes cannot be done if child nodes are selected by hierarchical filter.
  • GSA Feed adapter: degrading performance
  • Jira: no Size of extension limit possible
  • Debug Port is active in default Jira config
  • Query Service does not start if Query Expr Transformation Plugin is removed
  • Term2Document Boost reads CSV on each search
  • Contextualize copies all DocInfo-Properties
  • Manager UI Query Services Sync Disable Producer Query Service" does not work in IE
  • Paging in Relevance Dashboard:  Page 0 expected 10 results but got 5.""
  • CentOS 7 log backup does not work because of /data/logs symlink
  • Default settings for Did You Mean are not configurable per Query Service
  • Config-UI: Errormessage requests UniformProperties
  • Values of Hierarchical Filter are not displayed
  • Builtin Plugins are no longer installable as zip
  • GSA Feed Adapter should tolerate invalid ContentType Headers
  • GSA feed in application/x-www-form-urlencoded is interpreted as UTF-8
  • Language-Detector Service – Performance issues
  • Previous Pagination not available in data-templates
  • Expression `int(9.0")` of "9.0" gives 0"
  • GSA Feed Adapter does not understand X-GSA-Doc-Controll Header
  • ACL Constraints not available in second search phase
  • Jira pagesize not configurable
  • Client: Callback for app.telemetry-context
  • HTTP Header x-apm-telemetry-context"/"x-apm-telemetry-syncmark" support for WebService RPC
  • Summarize does not use orderable
  • meta:ALL does not work when using Precomputed ACLs and Collect Filter
  • CentOS 7 Image: missing Scripts (PostgreSQL-Backup)
  • ER Issue w/ parsing multiple Date metadata over a single rule
  • len > 0 Assertion in processUpdateLIst when reinverting Index (Robustness) (mesindexvl-dldocs), error TLS has already Transaction when we call beginTransaction
  • WebThumbnailer Plugin must not use multiple instances
  • Threadcount,. Configurable in Jira Connector...
  • import_managerconfig imports to /var/opt/mindbreeze/lib instead of archives/plugins
  • Javasandbox 2: Plugins with multiple Plugins without id are not loaded (PluginFactory pluginMap)
  • Filter rejected docids when using ACL-Precomputation is not default active
  • HTML encoded characters remove whitespaces
  • Server-side translation (Client Service ValueHelper -> LIST string_value
  • Preview not available on mes:nested
  • GSA Feed Adapter: No Proxy for is ignored
  • Jive Connector: add Breadcrumb to attachments
  • VocabularySynonymTransformer replaces original Input-Term when using unidirectional synonyms (GSA-format)
  • Exporttable: available properties are replaced by their untranslated names
  • Der Confluence Principal Cache does not send http-headers on session request.
  • SynonymTransformer read CSV-file on each query
  • Sampletexting Term-Series highlighted stop-words " (ventilacion <<del>> horno)"
  • GSA Feed Adapter: Toe Threads are leaking file handles (too many open files")
  • Configuration changes with schedule may lead to multiple crawler instances
  • GSA Date Parser does not work for Content Feeds, Default Pattern: List is too permissive
  • SAML Entitiesdescriptor generation may fail on certain windows environments
  • QueryExprTransformation has no RPC Timeout
  • Filtercount is too high when using filter restrictions with regex + count_filtered_facet_values
  • Action Delete of Collect-component is tranlated - icon becomnes text: delete
  • Default GSA Port 19900 is not reachable from outside