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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

With the Mindbreeze InSpire export interface, search results can be exported as a CSV document. In the user interface, the information that is relevant for the application can be exploratively defined, and then all the information can be exported. Like in other application cases, the permissions and authorizations will be respected and the user will only have the information exported that he is actually allowed to read.

ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

The configuration includes:

Enabling/disabling the export functionality

Setting the properties and the maximum batch size

The export can be configured under “Client Services > Export Search Settings“.

The following configuration options can be found there:

Export search results enabled

Export servlet enabled

Default exported properties

Maximum export batch size

Default Export Format

Export search results enabled. Permanent link for this heading

Enable this setting to be able to display your search results in a table preview. If enabled, an “export“ button appears next to the number of matches. If this functionality should not be provided, it can also be disabled with this setting.

Export servlet enabledPermanent link for this heading

This setting allows you to disable the export, but to display the table preview.

Default exported propertiesPermanent link for this heading

In this text box you can predefine your properties (comma separated). For example: title,mes:size,extension would display and export the name, the size (for example, 50 kB) and the respective file format (e.g. pdf) of the current search in the table preview.

Maximum export batch sizePermanent link for this heading

With this setting, it is possible to change the batch size. This setting should be used only when it is actually needed. The default setting is already configured for typical application cases.

Default Exported FormatPermanent link for this heading

This option selects the format used when pressing the export button.

The following export formats are supported:

  • CSV: comma-separeted-values
  • XLSX: Microsoft Excel
  • JSON: machine readable format
  • ZIP: Archive containing a file for each result.