Installation and Configuration

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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

The profile service makes it possible to save settings for any client, such as the number of hits and the client language. For instance, let’s say you would like ten hits per search instead of five and you want the client to be displayed in English. Now when you pull up the client, these settings are automatically applied and used accordingly.

PreparationPermanent link for this heading

Create databasePermanent link for this heading

A database must exist for a profile in order for you to be able to use it. This database might already exist in your system. This is the case when notifications have been configured.

Tip: This is how you create a database:

create database notifications;
grant all privileges on database "notifications" to user;

ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

The setting for this can be found in the Configurator under "Client Services". If you have already entered these settings, you can skip this chapter.

Resource persistence settingsPermanent link for this heading


Enable: Enables persisted resources − default: false

User Administrator Users: Specifies the user administrators
User administrators can administer all users (delete, edit [e.g. edit an e-mail address] and add). Each user is entered on a new line.

JDBC URL: Specifies the database URL

User: Specifies the user for the database.

Password: Specifies the password for the database.

Database Table Prefix: Specifies the table prefix in the database

ActivationPermanent link for this heading

To activate this component just activate the checkbox in Client-Service – “Userprofile”

User interfacePermanent link for this heading

The profile settings are found on the client under "Settings" in the upper right menu.

Choose your preferred settings from the drop-down menus and save them with "Save".

The changes take effect as soon as the client is opened again.