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Installation and Configuration

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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

The Usage Analysis records selected actions during seach usage. E.g. Paging on result list, opening the preview. app.telemetry can display those actions. In the future, these data could be used for improving the result ranking.

PreparationPermanent link for this heading

First, in app.telemetry a new log-pool must be created. Name of the pool: “Client Service Query Log”, Application: “Mindbreeze”, Application Tier: “Client Service Query Log”, Database: “telemetrydb”, Database Table Prefix: “client_service_query_log”, Permanent Software-Telemetry Log-Level: “Standard”.

After that, logdefinitions must be imported. For details, see Installation-of-Fabasoft-AppTelemetry-Log-Pools

AnalysisPermanent link for this heading

Now, new usage actions are being recorded in the log-pool.

The following actions are supported:

Search queries

Search constraints

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