Mindbreeze InSpire SFX Update


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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

New versions of Mindbreeze InSpire can be installed via the Management Center. This requires the SFX file and a web browser with access to the Management Center. You can download the SFX file from the Mindbreeze website using the following link: Updates & SPI

InstallationPermanent link for this heading

Open the Management Center and navigate to the section “Setup” “Update“.

Use “Choose File“ to select the SFX file and click “Upload File.“ A progress bar displays the progress of the upload process.

Next, important information about the update is displayed.

If you agree to the GTC, click “I agree to the General Terms and Conditions.“

You will then see a preview of the scheduled update.

You’ll be able to check which version is being replaced (current) and which version is the updated (new) version.

Next, we recommend that you perform a "test update". Some checks are performed in the test update, but nothing is actually installed. The system remains in its original state. You can also skip this step. To perform this step, make sure that "Test Update" is selected and click "Start". During the process, detailed information is displayed at the bottom of a console.

If the test update has been successful, a "Success" notice appears.

Then select “Perform Update.“ Some options are displayed.

You can configure the following options:

“Start Services after Update“

After the update, configured services are restarted automatically.

“Update Plugins“

Plugins delivered with SFX are updated

“Force Update“

Must be entered if an older version is installed. (“downgrade“)

Click "Start" to finally finish the update process. Note: The services are not available during the update process! Detailed information is displayed at the bottom of a console while the update is being performed. If the update is successful, a “Success“ notice appears.