Installation and Configuration

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You can use personalization to analyze user behavior on the client and to be displayed using app telemetry. To do this, the desired properties must be entered in Client Service.

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Adding columns in Client ServicePermanent link for this heading

For example, to display the data from a user’s saved profiles, add a new property under Personalization Settings.

Property: Name for internal use (can be equivalent to “Field”).

Field: Name that is responsible for reading the data on the client (possible values: “results_per_page” for the number of hits and “frontent_language” for the set client language.

Adding columns to app.telemetryPermanent link for this heading

To be able to use personalization, the columns that you want to analyze have to be added.

To do this, navigate in the Mindbreeze Management Center under “Reporting” ─ “Telemetry Details” ─ “Applications” to the “Client Service Query Log”.

Then you can add columns under “Columns”.

Add the respective custom properties (1–10) (depending on what you entered in Client Service).

For example, columns such as “Action” and “Result Position” provide information about the action that triggered the personalization in general (e.g. openhref, preview, etc.). Result Position returns the position of the selected hit. Under “Custom Properties” you will now find your information from the user profile (number of hits and client language) as shown in the demo.

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VotingPermanent link for this heading

The voting feature is another way to get feedback from a user about a specific result.

If this feature is activated in Client Service, all the results are given a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.

In addition, a comment can be entered.