Best Bets Connector

Installation and Configuration

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InstallationPermanent link for this heading

Before installing the Best Bets connector, make sure that the Mindbreeze server is installed and the Best Bets connector is included in the license. Use the Mindbreeze Management Center to install or update the connector.

Plugin installation via Mindbreeze Management CenterPermanent link for this heading

To install the plug-in, open the Mindbreeze Management Center. Select “Configuration” from the menu pane on the left-hand side. Then navigate to the “Plugins” tab. In the “Plugin Management” section, select the appropriate zip file and upload it by clicking the “Upload” button. This automatically installs or updates the connector, as the case may be. In the process, the Mindbreeze services are restarted.

Configuring MindbreezePermanent link for this heading

Select the “Advanced” installation method for configuration.

Configuration of index and crawlerPermanent link for this heading

Configuring the indexPermanent link for this heading

To create a new index, navigate to the “Indices” tab and click on the “Add new index” icon in the upper right corner. Alternatively, the “BestBets-Config” plugin can be installed, which automatically executes the rest of the configuration.

Enter the path to the index and change the display name as necessary.

Basic crawler configurationPermanent link for this heading

Add a new data source by clicking the “Add new custom source” icon at the top right. Select the category “BestBets” and configure the data source according to your needs. In the CSV Settings, you can select the desired CSV file stored on the appliance and specify the separator for the individual line entries.  Under the Metadata Settings, you can specify which columns of the CSV contain information as a list and which separator is used for the individual entries in the list.

Additional metadataPermanent link for this heading

You can define additional metadata for the Best Bets documents using “Additional Metadata.” The “Name” attribute is the name of the metadata, and “Value” is the value of the metadata. Metadata values can contain placeholders for existing CSV fields, for example {{URL}}. These placeholders are replaced by the referenced CSV fields.

Configuring the suggested sitesPermanent link for this heading

Under Search Experience -> Suggested Sites in the Management Center, you’ll find a CSV with information about which results are listed under the Best Bets with which search behavior (if the BestBets-Config plugin was used).

When you have finished the process, a corresponding search will display the title linked with the URL, the OrganizationName and the OrganizationalUnitName. In the Searchable column, you can also specify which columns should be used for the search. You simply need to specify the names of the columns that you want to be searchable. In addition, an icon can be added in the Upload column.

“KeyMatch” search for BestBetsPermanent link for this heading

If the “KeyMatch” mode is enabled for the BestBets data source, the following two columns must be defined in the BestBets CSV file for all documents: “SearchTerm” and “MatchType.” The “SearchTerm” column contains search terms that deliver the BestBets document as a result. “MatchType” defines how the defined search terms should match the search. Three variations are supported:

ExactMatch: The search must be exactly the same as the search terms defined in “SearchTerm.”

PhraseMatch: The search term must occur in the search as a direct substring. They must be in the same order and there may be no other words in between.

e.g: SearchTerm: it security

Search “mindbreeze it security” and “it security mindbreeze” delivers the document but “it network security” or “security it” do not.

KeywordMatch: All words from SearchTerm must be included in the search

Enable KeyMatch searchPermanent link for this heading

To be able to use the KeyMatch search for the BestBets index, make sure that the BestBets Query Transformation Service is enabled:

The same CSV file as in the BestBets data source should be configured as the “BestBets CSV Path”.

With the options “Search Term Column Name” and “Match Type Column Name” you can set the CSV column names for KeyMatch search terms or KeyMatch match types. These columns must be marked as searchable in BestBets CSV, either in CSV using the column “Searchable” or “Searchable” set as Additional Metadata.

An example of BestBets CSV with KeyMatch search is:


;2018 Calendar 1;;Calendar of 2018;Organization;Unit;SearchTerm,MatchType;calendar;ExactMatch

;2018 Calendar 2;;Calendar of 2018;Organization;Unit;SearchTerm,MatchType;calendars;ExactMatch

;2018 Calendar 3;;Calendar of 2018;Organization;Unit;SearchTerm,MatchType;2018 calendar;KeywordMatch

;IT Security;;IT Security;Organization;Unit;SearchTerm,MatchType;IT Security;PhraseMatch

The columns “SearchTerm” and “MatchType” are marked as “searchable” in the CSV: SearchTerm,MatchType.

If no values are set in the columns “SearchTerm” and “MatchType”, the default search is used for the BestBets data source.