HL7 Connector

Installation and configuration

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Configuration of MindbreezePermanent link for this heading

Click on the "Indices" tab and then click on the "Add new index" to create a new index (optional).

If necessary, adjust the display name ("Display Name") the index service and the associated filter service.

Add a new data source with the symbol "Add new custom source" (found at the bottom right).

Enter the directory, where the HL7 documents are located, in the field "Root Directories".

Select the option "Clean up unprocessed items" if the documents that have been deleted since the last crawl run of "Root Directories" should also be deleted from the index.

For the calculation of ACLs in the "Distinguished Name" format, a user's credentials with the authorization to the LDAP server are required. These are the "User Name", "Password", "Domain" and "LDAP Server".

For performance optimization, the number of threads that crawl parallel to the "Root Directories", can be specified in the field "Concurrent Filter and Index Dispatch Threads".

Configuration of filter(s) (diagnosis and performance)Permanent link for this heading

Please add the following "Synthesized Metadata" in the index configuration.

The Metadata "DG1_diagnosis" and "PR1_procedure" should be available in the categorydescriptor.xml, and the attribute "aggregatable" should be "true".

<metadatum aggregatable="true" id="DG1_diagnosis" selectable="false" visible="true">

  <name xml:lang="de">Diagnose</name>


<metadatum aggregatable="true" id="PR1_procedure" selectable="false" visible="false">

  <name xml:lang="de">Leistung</name>


Define the "visit_DG1_diagnosis" and "visit_PR1_procedure" in the categorydescriptor.xml.

<metadatum aggregatable="true" id="visit_DG1_diagnosis" selectable="false" visible="true">

  <name xml:lang="de">Diagnose</name>


<!--is synthesized metadata, it needs visit/PR1_procedure property expression in index configuration-->

<metadatum aggregatable="true" id="visit_PR1_procedure" selectable="false" visible="true">

  <name xml:lang="de">Leistung</name>