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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

Mindbreeze InSpire allows you to define links between document properties. A document property can contain a reference that points to another document metadata in the same index. This means that changes to the referenced properties can be propagated automatically.

Plugin name/settings Permanent link for this heading

To use the Mindbreeze InSpire Metadata Reference Builder plugin, a filter service must be added to your Mindbreeze installation by loading the corresponding plugin.

ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

  • Enable the plugin for this using the Manager UI:
  • Navigate to the Filter tab and activate Advanced Settings
  • Scroll down to the “Post Filter Transformation Services” section
  • Select the “PostFilterPlugin.ReferenceMetadataBuilder“ plugin and click “Add”

Basic settingsPermanent link for this heading

A document property reference can be defined in the plugin configuration using the following settings:

Test Pattern

A regular expression that is applied to "Test Input" to determine whether to generate the reference for the current document.

Test Input

Can contain placeholders for existing document properties. For example {{url}}. is replaced by the URL property of a Web document.


Name for the created reference property

Referenced Metadata Key

The name of the referenced property. Example: mes:key

Referenced Metadata Value

The value of the property specified in Metadata Key


The category of the referenced document

Category Instance

The category instance of the referenced document

Example: Linking Web documentsPermanent link for this heading

  • Indexing documents from several domains
  • Documents from the domain have a rootURL property that indicates the corresponding root document
  • Documents from other domains do not have this link
  • The documents stored in rootURL are in the same index as the Category Web and Category Instance webtest
  • The rootURL matches the mes:key of these documents
  • A reference named rooturlref is created for all documents with matching rootURL document.