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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

This brief guide deals with the permanent removal of data on a Mindbreeze InSpire appliance. After carrying out these instructions, none of the data can be recovered. In these instructions, the data is deleted using the method recommended by Mindbreeze, which uses the CentOS Live CD (https: //

PreparationPermanent link for this heading

NetworkPermanent link for this heading

To perform the deletion, ensure that your Mindbreeze InSpire appliance is accessible via iDRAC. You can normally access this at https://IDracIP_OR_DNS. For more information on the iDRAC setup, please refer to the Initial Startup – Mindbreeze Management Center.

MediumPermanent link for this heading

Now download CentOS as a bootable live image .iso file (LiveGnome) from https: // For example:

ServerPermanent link for this heading

If the Live CD does not start, you need to follow the steps below. Please carry out these steps only if the image in point 3 does not start:

To begin, start the console

Specify that the BIOS setup is to be started at the next start-up

Restart the software

When BIOS is started, select the System BIOS menu item:

Then, click Boot Settings

Select BIOS, confirm and save the settings, and then restart the server

Performing the deletionPermanent link for this heading

This chapter provides a step-by-step description of the automatic and irrevocable deletion of your Mindbreeze InSpire appliance data along with an example.

iDRACPermanent link for this heading

  • In order to complete the deletion, please log on to the appliance via your iDRAC
  • Start the console

  • Mount the downloaded Live CD (.iso file) via the console

  • Change the temporary boot order to the mounted media

  • Restart the software

  • Wait until the tool has started

Deleting using CentOSPermanent link for this heading

  • Wait until CentOS has been fully started. Depending on the network connection of your server, this can take several minutes.
  • Select the desired display language and keyboard layout and begin starting CentOS
  • Close the Getting Started window
  • Open the CentOS Terminal
  • Make sure that you do not have any external media connected to the server, since they would otherwise also be deleted in this process.
  • Carry out the deletion process. To do this, enter the following command: In our case, the deletion is ensured by overwriting the data three times.
  • shred -vfz -n 3 /dev/s*
  • Wait until the deletion process is complete. This may take several days depending on the amount of overwriting necessary. Make sure the IDrac console remains open during the entire deletion process.
  • After deleting, restart the system by executing the following command:
  • reboot

Switch to boot mode on UEFIPermanent link for this heading

After deleting, make sure to reset the boot mode to UEFI if you had to change it in the beginning.

To start the deletion tool, you have to change the boot mode to BIOS:

To do this, start the console

Specify that the BIOS setup is to be started at the next start-up

Restart the software

When BIOS has been started, select the System BIOS menu item

Then, click Boot Settings

Select UEFI, confirm and save the settings, and then restart the server