Installing the GSA Replacement Base Configuration


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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

This document deals with installing the GSA Base Configuration Plugin for Mindbreeze InSpire. The GSA Base Configuration Plugin contains the configuration settings for using the Mindbreeze InSpire as a Google Search Appliance replacement.

Installing the GSA Replacement Base ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

The add-on is installable via the Mindbreeze Management Center by uploading the add-on archive in the “Plugins” panel of the “Configuration” section

The GSA Replacement Plugin ComponentsPermanent link for this heading

After successful installation, the following settings should be preconfigured and ready for use:

A test Index with a simple Web Crawler configuration (if not already present)

A configured “Best Bets” Index

A configured GSA Feed Adapter

Global Index Settings with preconfigured Query Transformation Services (Synonym Transformer, Term2DocumentBoost, StemmerTransformer, VocabularySynonymTransformer). The configuration files of the query expression transformers can be edited in the “Search Experience” section

The default Cllient Service (port 443) is available and configured to use the BestBets feature

The Test IndexPermanent link for this heading

This Index service is created if no other index is already added to the configuration. It contains a preconfigured Web Connector that indexes the site using a sitemap.

One can start the indexing by enabling the attached Crawler Service:

The Client Service on Port 443 is already using this index.

BestBets ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

The BestBets can be configured using the “Suggested Sites” menu entry in the Management Center under “Search Experience”.

Global Index SettingsPermanent link for this heading

After installation, the following Query Transformation Plugins are set up as Global Index Settings:

Term2DocumentBoost: configuration files are located at /data/resources/term2documentboost.csv and /data/resources/relevance.json

SynonymTransformer: configuration CSV files are located at /data/resources/synonyms.csv

StemmerTransformer: configuration CSV file is at /data/resources/stemmervoc_en.csv

VocabularySynonymTransformer: with configuration file located at /data/resources/synonyms.txt

The configuration files are editable in the “Search Experience” section: