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IntroductionPermanent link for this heading

The Mindbreeze Sitemap Generator add-on generates a sitemap of the Atlassian Confluence pages. The pages contained are restricted by rights of the user generating the sitemap. Additionally you can exclude pages using regular expressions.

PreparationPermanent link for this heading

The Remote API-Interface of Atlassian Confluence has to be enabled in order for the Mindbreeze Sitemap Generator add-on to work. Activate at: “Further Configuration > Remote API (XML-RPX & SOAP)”

InstallationPermanent link for this heading

Install the add-on using “Manage add-ons” and “Upload add-on”:

Important: There are different Plugin versions available (for Confluence 5.1, for Confluence 5.6 or higher). Please make sure to use the Plugin Version corresponding to your Confluence Version.

Choose the file „sitemap-generator-<version number>.jar“ in the Plugin folder of the Web Connector and submit using the “Upload” button:

The add-on installation is finished:

ConfigurationPermanent link for this heading

Use the “Configure” button to change the settings of the Mindbreeze Sitemap Generator add-on:

Sitemap Generating User: Atlassian Confluence user, used to generate the sitemap. Default: admin

Sitemap Downloader Group: Only members of the given Atlassian Confluence group are allowed to download the sitemap. Default: confluence-users

ACL Encryption Password: A password used for encrypting the ACL elements. If this parameter is left empty, the ACL elements will not be encrypted.

Confluence Base URL: the base URL that should be used for generating the links in the sitemap.

Sitemap Cache Directory: A directory where the generated sitemap.xml is stored on the Atlassian Confluence Server.

Use ACL Size Optimization: Optimizes the ACL-Size in the Sitemap.

Disable Parent Reference Metadata for Pages: If enabled, no reference metadata to the parent document is generated for Confluence pages. This reduces the number of database queries.

Add Performance Metrics To Sitemap: If enabled, the times required for sitemap generation tasks are entered as comments in the sitemap.

ACL Exempt Group Name (ex. confluence-administrators): Group that has read-access to all Confluence Content regardless of the explicit rights.

Inspect Space with ID: Restrict trace level logging to a given space. For debugging/diagnose purposes only.

Generating & Retrieving the SitemapPermanent link for this heading

Generating the sitemapPermanent link for this heading

After a successful installation of the Atlassian Confludence Sitemap Generator Add-on, the sitemap can be generated with a scheduled job. To set up the sitemap generator job navigate to the Confluence Admin interface to the section “Scheduled Jobs”

The sitemap generator job can be started automatically according to a given schedule. This schedule can be specified using standard cron expressions by clicking on the “Edit” action of the “scheduledjob.desc.mindbreezeGenerateSitemapJob”.

The sitemap generator job can also be started manually by clicking on the “Run” action.

Retrieving the sitemapPermanent link for this heading

After the sitemap generator job has completed the sitemap is available using the following URL: <confluence_url>/plugins/servlet/sitemapservlet?jobbased=true. Here <sitemap_url> is the base URL of the Atlassian Confluence server.

Logfiles and TroubleshootingPermanent link for this heading

You can configure the log-level for the Atlassian Confluence Sitemap Generator Add-On at “Administration -> Logging and Profiling”.

Create a new Entry for the Class/Packet name: “com.mindbreeze.enterprisesearch.connectors” and select the log-level.

The logfiles are available at the folloging path: <Confluence Home>/logs/atlassian-confluence.log