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Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby enables a standby scenario for Mindbreeze InSpire. Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby is used to respond to queries in case of a downtime of the active Mindbreeze InSpire appliance. Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby must not be used for active/active architectures.

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The primary appliance used at all times for querying is Mindbreeze InSpire. Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby is a standby solution that can be activated for querying if the primary Mindbreeze InSpire appliance is down.

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Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby is at any time in a 1:1 relationship with Mindbreeze InSpire.

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See product information of Mindbreeze InSpire.

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Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby does not contain a configuration tool by itself. The configuration is replicated from the primary appliance (e.g. mesconfig.xml). Mindbreeze InSpire – Standby uses a „File-based Configuration“ method.

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See product information of Mindbreeze InSpire.

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The specification and hardware details are different for the different editions 500K, 1M, 2M, 5M und 10M.

We deliver the hardware with a hardware support: 3 years and next-business-day support.

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