LDAP Connector

Installation and Configuration

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InstallationPermanent link for this heading

Before installing the LDAP Connector ensure that the Mindbreeze Server is already installed and this connector is also included in the Mindbreeze license.

Required Crawling user rightsPermanent link for this heading

The LDAP Connector allows crawling and searching of Active Directory objects.

To be able to crawl these objects, the users need read rights.

Configuration of MindbreezePermanent link for this heading

Choose “Advanced” Installation:

Click on “Indices” and on the “Add new index” icon to create a new index.

Enter a new index path, for example, “/data/indices/ldap”. If necessary change the display name of the index service and the associated filter Services.

With “Add new custom source” at the bottom right, a new data source can be added.

Configuration of the Data SourcePermanent link for this heading

LDAP ConnectionPermanent link for this heading

Folgende Parameter müssen konfiguriert werden:

  • LDAP Server Hostname:
  • Port: Default LDAP Port (389)
  • Authentication Type:
    • Simple: (Default) The specification of the username and password is required.
    • Anonymous: No user data necessary
  • Username: Benutzername im Distinguished Name Format (CN=…).
  • Passwort:
  • Connection Method:
    • Standard: (Default)
    • SSL:
  • LDAP Search Base: Defines the base LDAP container of the data that should be crawled in the Active Directory. E.g. DC=mycompany,DC=com
  • Search Filter: Defines which objects to be crawled. E.g. (&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(!(objectClass=computer)))
  • Update Sensitive Attributes: Only changes in these attributes are tracked by crawler. All other attributes changes does not lead to recrawling of the LDAP object.

Performance SettingsPermanent link for this heading

Initial synchronization allows us to re-index documents which could not be indexed correctly in previous crawling runs. For example because of transport errors or filtering errors.

Uninstallation of the LDAP ConnectorsPermanent link for this heading

To uninstall the LDAP Connector, all the LDAP crawlersmust be first deleted and then the following command should be entered:

mesextension --interface=plugin --type=archive --file= LdapConnector<version>.zip uninstall